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 NEWS 2011
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Biblioteca de la UdL Three theses by UdL students received over 800 visits on the internet last year
28/12/11/ The theses, written by M. Àngels Balsells, Marta Bisbal and Joan Dolcet, are available in the CBUC repository of theses
Pujol demana a Lleida que crei més activitat econòmica per donar feina als seus graduats Pujol asks Lleida to create more business to provide jobs for its graduates
20/12/11/ The former Catalan president made this call during his investiture as an honorary doctor of the UdL
La UdL crea una xarxa social per a persones que volen deixar el tabac The UdL creates a social network for people who want to stop smoking
19/12/11/ This is an initiative of the Working Group on Smoking Addiction of the Faculty of Medicine and the Hesoft Group spin-off
Noves aplicacions tecnològiques per a discapacitats. Universitat de Lleida (UdL) The UdL will develop new technological applications for disabled persons
16/12/11/ Under an agreement signed between the PCiTAL and the Shalom Association
Excel·lència en la recerca a la Universitat de Lleida (UdL) The UdL is the third best Catalan university in research, according to the 2011 SIR
15/12/11/  This ranking analyzes more than 3,000 institutions worldwide
CAEM. Universitat de Lleida (UdL) The CAEM investigates the authorship of a painting of the Metropolitan Museum in New York
14/12/11/  Thanks to an exchange between the Museum, the Hispanic Society of America and the UdL
Nutrigenòmica. Universitat de Lleida (UdL) Poor nutrition, a 21st-century epidemic
12/12/11/ This is the starting point for a book written by four lecturers in Medicine at the UdL.
Setmana de la Prehistòria de la Universitat de Lleida (UdL) The forensic scientist who exhumed Allende visits the 6th Prehistory Week
09/12/11/ Francisco Etxebarria opened this event, which was held from 12 to 15 December.
pla de control de males herbes als cereals d'hivern - Universitat de Lleida (UdL) The UdL develops a plan for weed control in winter cereals
29/11/11/ Researchers from the ETSEA will work for the Ministry of Agriculture for three years.
Premi al grup de fisiopatologia metabòlica de la Universitat de Lleida (UdL) Agrolés Award for the Metabolic Physiopathology Group
28/11/11/ The cooperative awarded the prize for studies showing the antioxidant benefits of oil.
Cooperatives fitosanitaris - Universitat de Lleida (UdL) Recycling of plant health products, a priority aim in the collaboration between the UdL and cooperatives
24/11/11/ The research forms part of the five-year agreement signed today by the UdL and the FCAC.
Aniversari de l'EPS - Universitat de Lleida (UdL) The Polytechnic School closes its 20th anniversary by calling for engineering and entrepreneurship
22/11/11/ Former Catalan president Jordi Pujol and businessmen associated with the School participated in the closing ceremony..
El químic d'El Bulli, a la Setmana de la Ciència de la Universitat de Lleida (UdL) The chemist of El Bulli opens the Science Week in Lleida
17/11/11/ The 16th edition includes five workshops and two exhibitions from 18 to 27 November..
Revista Soul of Journal - Universitat de Lleida (UdL) Lecturers in Environment and Soil Sciences promote the Spanish Journal of Soil Science
15/11/11/ This journal publishes high-quality, innovative, original papers on Soil Science.
Congrés identitats i mobilitat social a la Universitat de Lleida (UdL) Experts from all over the world reflect on identity at a conference in Lleida
15/11/11/ Historians and anthropologists from Europe, Africa and Oceania will take part in the conference until the 18th of this month.
Premi  a la Universitat de Lleida (UdL) per la seuacapacitat integradora amb les persones amb discapacitat The UdL receives an award from the Lleida Down Association for promoting integration
14/11/11/ The University has been a pioneer in holding examinations for people with intellectual disabilities.
Conveni Repsol - Universitat de Lleida (UdL) Lleida will have a laboratory for regional, economic and social analysis
11/11/11/ The Repsol Foundation and the UdL set up a Competitiveness and Regional Development Chair.
Grup de Neurociències Clíniques de la Universitat de Lleida La Marató funds a project of IRBLleida dealing with stroke prevention
09/11/11/ Three research groups of the Faculty of Medicine are participating, and will receive €300,000.
Càtedra de Competitivitat i desenvolupament regional a la Universitat de Lleida (UdL) The UdL will have a Competitiveness and Regional Development Chair
26/10/11/ The project, promoted by the Board of Trustees, will be funded by the Repsol Foundation.
Premi d'Emprenedoria per a estudiants de la Universitat de Lleida A business project by UdL students is among the best in Spain
26/10/11/ The business idea is a travel agency for clients with disabilities.
Congrés Intel·ligència Artificial - Universitat de Lleida A conference brings together some 50 experts in artificial intelligence at the UdL
25/10/11/ Robotics, machine learning and reasoning models are among the topics discussed.
ETSEA Forestry Erasmus Mundus - Universitat de Lleida The UdL will the offer a new Erasmus Mundus in the next academic year
24/10/11/ This will strengthen the UdL’s leadership in forestry, already established by the master’s degree in European Forestry.
Rectorat - Universitat de Lleida Mention of Excellence for five doctoral programmes of the UdL
19/10/11/ The Ministry of Education has accepted almost all of the applications from Lleida.

14/10/11/ Iñaki Gabilondo states that, despite his profound pessimism, he places hope in universities, from which renewal and the future must emerge.. [+]

14/10/11/ How to end the violence of youth gangs? Carles Feixa, professor of Social Anthropology, is one of the experts convened by the British government to try to answer this question. [+]

05/10/11/ The study, co-directed by the UdL and the Medical Research Council in London and published in Nature, concludes that endonuclease G is crucial in the analysis and prognosis of heart disease [+]

30/09/11/ The debate of the conference “Green and Intelligent Cities: Electric Vehicles, the First Step” will focus on technological challenges, charging points and the introduction in other cities [+]

28/09/11/ A new research project of the Sustainable Livestock Systems group is aimed at quantifying the quality of both types of production with objective parameters [+]

14/09/11/ For the first time, 3 persons from the Hong Kong Education Institute will study at the Faculty of Arts and 36 have registered for the Spanish Studies Certificate [+]

05/09/11/ The rector of the UdL, Roberto Fernández, has taken over the chair of the Consortium for the next two years with the desire of increasing scientific and university research [+]

03/08/11/ The study by the Department of Agroforestry Engineering is based on a model that quantifies current water resources and simulates future ones [+]

22/07/11/ The courses at la Seu d'Urgell end today. With 800 participants, this has been the year with the third most students [+]

18/07/11/ The study, carried out by IRBLleida and the Max-Planck Institute of Neurobiology in Munich, opens the door to establishing relations between the origin of diseases such as epilepsy and mental retardation [+]

15/07/11/ Fifty experts took part in the International Seminar of Intermediate Cities held today at the UdL, which will place the finishing touches to a project that is intended to become a manual to be applied by the United Nations [+]

13/07/11/ At the opening ceremony of the Summer University, the philosopher Xavier Antich defended the latter stage of life, which has produced great creative works [+]

06/07/11/ The aim of the study coordinated by the NUTREN-nutrigenomics group is to determine the influence of certain food ingredients on our organism [+]

28/06/11/ About 500 specialists from all over the world are taking part in the International Mediaeval Meeting, which aims to make an interdisciplinary analysis of the Middle Ages [+]

20/06/11/ The research group led by Maria José Motilva is taking part in the nationwide Henufood project, coordinated by the company Gallina Blanca  [+]

15/06/11/ The project aims to reduce the environmental threats resulting from the production process and to increase leather exports from Bangladesh [+]

07/06/11/ For the third year in succession, the report by the Knowledge and Development Foundation presented yesterday in Madrid ranks the UdL as the best university in Spain in library places [+]

06/06/11/ Today the University of Zaragoza hosted the formal creation of the entity whose priority lines are internationalization and transfer [+]

06/06/11/ These are the findings of the report Bibliometric Indicators of Spanish Scientific Activity drawn up by the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology [+]

02/06/11/ The exhibition can be visited in the foyer of the school until June 30 and includes works by the 50 finalists [+]

30/05/11/ From 28 June to 1 July the UdL will host the First International Medieval Meeting with 400 experts from all over the world [+]

26/05/11/ In his inaugural speech yesterday, the new rector advocated the ideological, political and institutional independence of the UdL [+]

24/05/11/ Tomorrow Minister Mas-Colell will open Biomedicine Module I, next to the Teaching Unit of the Arnau de Vilanova University Hospital [+]

19/05/11/ The project aims to enable participants to expand their knowledge in the field of computer-aided design in addition to strengthening the UdL brand worldwide [+]

16/05/11/ Accesotour is an entrepreneurial idea of four Business Science students. The €2,500 prize will be used to analyze the proposal and carry out a feasibility study [+]

10/05/11/ The American scientist highlighted the potential of genetics for the development of personalized medicine [+]

06/05/11/ The awarding ceremony, which will take place at 6 p.m. on May 9, will be the first UdL event in the old church of St. Martin, a former chapel of the medieval Estudi General [+]

04/05/11/ The programme this year offers a total of 46 training proposals divided between La Seu d'Urgell, Lleida, Tremp, Solsona, Serós, Erill la Vall, Áger and Arbeca [+]

03/05/11/ A professor of modern history, Fernandez obtained 54% of the votes compared with 33% for the other contender, Jaume Lloveras. The participation was 25% [+]

02/05/11/ The Bancaja Young Entrepreneurs-UdL Chair will be coordinated by the lecturer in economics, Ramon Saladrigas, while the Journalism and Communication Chair will be coordinated by the lecturer in Catalan Studies, Miquel Pueyo [+]

11/04/11/ The CMEA team has the most advanced technology for uncovering all the hidden secrets of works of art. [+]

11/04/11/ Over 170 professionals, scientists and entrepreneurs from all over the world will take part in the first world congress devoted to this subject.. [+]

06/04/11/ Once again this event obtained a record number of participants and projects presented, including an airboat with a petrol engine and a submarine propelled by magneto-hydromechanical energy. [+]

01/04/11/ The economist and chairman of Justícia i Pau took part yesterday in the Conference on Solidarity for 0.7% organized by the UdL’s Cooperation and Solidarity Office. [+]

30/03/11/ The Governing Council approved the proposed curriculum for this degree, which will be unique in Spain and is scheduled to start in the next academic year. [+]

25/03/11/ Today the lawyer, economist and science popularizer was the star of the First Conference on Emotional Intelligence in Organizations, organized by the UdL, the GROP and Ceeilleida. [+]

22/03/11/ The digital platform for digitized materials by contemporary Catalan authors will also be presented in Naples on 2 and 3 May [+]

15/03/11/ On a plot of over 6.5 hectares, 1500 trees and 90,000 shrubs create the most characteristic environments of four of the most important biomes on Earth [+]


10/03/11/ A future spin-off of the UdL specialized in tailor-made telemedicine solutions has created software for personalized monitoring of patients who wish to stop smoking [+]

01/03/11/ A total of 10 projects obtained funding in this round, all of them related to agronomic and mechanical engineering [+]

24/02/11/ A prize of €2500 will be awarded to the project that is most innovating, viable, efficient, sustainable and socially responsible, while showing international outreach and creating jobs. This is an initiative of the University of Lleida and the Ministry of Education [+]

17/02/11/ Students can get to know the more practical side of the courses offered at the University by visiting the laboratories of the Faculty of Arts, the ETSEA, the EPS and the Health Sciences Campus [+]

10/02/11/ In a joint project of the UdL, the UPC and the URV, the Quantum Leap portal provides free, open-access content adapted to the EHEA for the whole of society [+]

28/01/11/ Researchers have 20 test cubicles in a complex that is unique in Europe because it allows building solutions to be tested in real weather conditions [+]

21/01/11/ On the ETSEA and Cappont Campuses the photovoltaic park has nearly 1900 panels that will produce 518,000 kilowatt hours per year [+]

14/01/11/ The rector opened an extension to facilities that now house 50 researchers, 10 of whom are from abroad [+]
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