European Union students

Entry in Spain

Entry in Spain is allowed with the national ID or passport in force.

Stay in Spain

If the student wants to stay here longer than 3 months or legally work in Spain she/he must register at the census of EU citizens in Spain. The student must go the police station (Ensenyança, 7-MAP) with previous arranged appointment.

Certificado de Registro de ciudadano de la Unión Europea. Further information about it is available at this website.

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Non European Union students

Entrance in Spain

Students with residence in a non-European Union country. It is necessary to consult requirements and documentation at home country Spanish diplomatic representations. Further related information is available at this website.

Students with residence in a European Union country. Entrance is allowed with the passport and residence permit in force in the first European Unions country.

  • Legal situation in Spain can be arranged at anytime before the entrance in Spain or once in Spain within the first month of the stay. Consult section "Stay in Spain"

Stay in Spain

Students with stays longer than 90 days and shorter than 180 days.

If they enter Spain with the right visa (180 days visa), they do not need to face any administrative formality.

If they exceptionally need to renew the visa, they must come to the International Relations Office. Here, we will assist them in how to do so.

Students with stays longer than 180 days.

Within the first month after they arrival, they will have to presonally apply for the (TIE/NIE-Tarjeta/Número de Identificación para Extranjeros). They will have to go to Lleida's police station from Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 14.00 with pre-arranged appointment.

Further information available at this website.

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