Insurance and health care

Information for mobility students

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European Union Students

EU students are strongly advise to acquire the European Health Insurance Card. Whit it students can get free health care in Spain. Information about the public health service at the web site of the Servei Català de la Salut.
Also, once in Lleida and when students register at the UdL, they will have to pay for  scholar insurance  and 'Univers Plus' approximately 12€

Non European Union Students

Before leaving their home country, non EU-students should acquire private health insurance and make sure it will cover health care during their stay in Spain. Moreover when students register at the UdL, they will have to pay for the university scholar insurance and 'Univers plus' (12€)

What to do and where to go when a student is ill?


If the student suffers from an ordinary illness, she/he should report to the CAP (health center) that is closest to the student's home in Lleida (if she/he does not know where it is, she/he can contact International Relations Office by sending an email with her/his exact address in Lleida. Once there, she/he will have to show student's European Health Insurance Card.

Non-EU students:

They are strongly advise to know what services their private health insurance offers and where they should go in case of illness.


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