How to get to Lleida

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Lleida is located in an important communication and transportation crossroads connecting Spanish roads with the rest of Europe and the Mediterranean. The city of Lleida can be easily reached from Barcelona by highway and railway. Moreover, there is now a high-speed train connecting Madrid and Barcelona through Lleida.

Depending on the airport you choose to arrive in Catalonia the best way to get to Lleida is:

For those who arrive by car, there are several alternatives. From the French frontier at La jonquera the easiest route is to follow the AP-7 (toll) motorway to Girona and then follow the "Eix Transversal", a new fast road, to Cervera and from there by A-2 (free motorway to Lleida). The alternative is to follow the AP-7 to south Barcelona and then take AP-2 (direction Lleida/Zaragoza). This route is all motorway, but it is all toll.

In Lleida it is easy to move around on foot, because of the layout of the city. However, some campuses are located outside the city centre. To get to these campuses, students can take a bus. Information about lines and timetables is available on Autobusos’ de Lleida webpage:


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